Perhaps it is not surprising, particularly as we age, that the search for a “Fountain of Youth” becomes a more immediate task.  That being said, however as Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon can attest, finding that iconic body of water is a fool’s errand.  Or is it?  While de Leon’s search failed to turn up the fabled fountain of legend, he did manage to find Florida, and now centuries later we are lucky enough to avail ourselves of products designed to help shield us from the ravages of the aging process.  Chief among these modern-day elixirs is the Klotho protein found hiding within the human body, and today we are going to explore the rejuvenating properties of Klotho Therapy.

Queen of the Anti-Aging Process: Klotho Protein

Residing in the human kidney and brain is a unique protein that takes its name from the pages of Greek mythology.   Indeed, research has noted that protein deficiencies are often seen in patients presenting with chronic kidney issues.  Referred to among health experts as the queen of the anti-aging proteins, laboratory experiments have proven that mice suffering an absence of the Klotho protein are susceptible to premature aging of the body’s internal organs.  The findings were impressive.  Research showed that mice given access to Klotho therapy saw life extension as much as 30% in clinical studies.

Advantages and Benefits of Klotho Therapy

As mentioned above, the Klotho protein is found in the kidney, and its absence is an indicator of serious kidney ailment, but utilizing Klotho therapy has been shown to slow the impact of chronic kidney issues.  Moreover, patients suffering from liver issues have likewise shown superior results when introduced to this form of therapy.

Continued studies indicate that the therapy is also a boom for sufferers of diabetes.  A heightened level of Klotho is found to be associated with the production of insulin, and producing the correct amount of insulin in the body, which is critical to the improved outcome of the diabetic.

The Potential Future of Klotho Therapy

Just as Ponce de Leon once trekked the everglades in search of the Fountain of Youth, researchers are looking at the Klotho protein to discover and unlock the full potential of its rejuvenating properties.  As we look at the growing list of health benefits derived from Klotho proteins, medical experts are hopeful that the protein will further unlock the mysteries behind such devastating conditions as dementia, amnesia, and Alzheimer’s disease.