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Examining the Role of Klotho Protein in Cell Division

The Klotho has been an active area of research during the past few years because of its role in slowing the aging process. Researchers have found that there is a relationship between Klotho protein levels and the potential development of chronic medical conditions...


Klotho-Choroid Plexus Interaction and Aging

In understanding the interaction between the aging process and the breakdown of essential proteins that keep our bodies healthy and youthful, it is helpful to review the interconnectedness of our brains, bodies, and critical protein production. The klotho-choroid...


Klotho & The Internal Ethical Struggle

We all have known older friends and relatives who may have lost a step or two in the cognition department. The general consensus that is widely accepted is that it’s a facet of getting older. You may forget a couple of things here and there or even forget why...