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Test Your Klotho Level
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We will send out a collection kit and information on phlebotomy and processing services in your area. You will then needto ship your sample to the lab for processing. We will run your test, and send you a report with information on how your level compares to same-age peers in recent studies

KlothoBios by charter seeks to re-direct up to 50% of all profits from the sales of tests into klotho related research and development including klotho based therapeutics.

We offer two types of tests, crowdsourced, where 40 tests are run simultaneously, and individual tests.

  • Does not include shipping charges (shipping handled by phlebotomist service – usually $40 to $80).
  • Does not include blood draw charges from 3rd party phlebotomist service (usually $60 to $140).
  • Does include lab test technician labor charges (provided by KlothoYears contracted test labs).
  • Does include Klotho test kit (provided by KlothoYears to contracted test labs).
  • Does include shipping packaging (provided by phlebotomist service)

BETA Launch Stage:

We are in the BETA launch stage of the KlothoYears program. It is best suited for innovators and early adopters motivated to participate in early-stage research. During this period, we are evaluating provider partners for phlebotomy services, laboratory testing services, and shipping, as well as various types of shipping containers.

Your feedback is highly valued!
Because Klotho is not a typical test offered in local laboratories, it typically costs over $1,000 including associated processing, packaging, and shipping costs. . We are offering an introductory price of $399 in this BETA launch phase for “crowdsourced” tests only.

NOTE: The Klotho test is for research use only and not for use in the diagnosis or management of disease.
It may take more than 90 days for your Klotho test to be processed, and your results to be available To offer the reduced price, we must run 40 tests simultaneously. As such, there may be a time lag between when your sample is received and when we have 39 other samples to run.

We are utilizing the ILB America Alpha Klotho Enzyme-linked immuno assay (ELISA) kit which provides for 40 blood tests. However, the materials are perishable.. Once the kit is opened, the tests must be run within 24 hours. Additionally, by running multiple tests simultaneously, we achieve an economy of scale in laboratory labor.
If you want to receive your results sooner, the test is available for $999.

By participating in the BETA launch phase research program ofKlothoYears testing, you will qualify for discounts and early access to our future anticipated Klotho stimulation products such as BodStim www.bodstim.com, SkinStim www.skin-stim.com, HairCellStim www.haircellstim.com, and ErectiStim www.erectistim.com